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The opportunity to reframe events from an Indian perspective is squandered on a pallid, underwritten Romeo and Juliet romance between two Rashtrapati Bhavan servants. Watch Dunkirk Online Free

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It’s hardly fair to draw comparisons with Satyajit Ray, but for a more soulful, intricate examination of power, class and legacy in historical India. Watch The Dark Tower Online Free

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There are no politics – nor any human stakes whatsoever – to consider in Free Fire (Studiocanal, 15), in which Ben Wheatley sets out to make quite possibly the most literal shoot ’em up of all time. Watch Atomic Blonde Online Free

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There are no further motivations or subtleties worth explaining: Wheatley, out to prove himself a master of mounting chaos after High-Rise, simply fires away in ever more virtuosic, vertiginous fashion as the body count mounts. Watch Power season 4 Episode 9 Online Free

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It’s loud, proud and rather dull, and while Wheatley’s film has more stylistic vim than City of Tiny Lights (Icon, 15), which has the terrific, if fumblingly realised. Watch Dunkirk Online

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Idea of casting Riz Ahmed as a modern-day Philip Marlowe type in a multicultural London gumshoe mystery, I found more life and soul in the latter. Watch The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature Online